Creative Tattoo Ideas for Married Couples
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Creative Tattoo Ideas for Married Couples

Tattoos for married couples

With the warm weather approaching many will be showing off their nice tans, bodies, summer styles, and even tattoos. The best time to get a tattoo is right before the weather gets really hot.

Are you a married couple looking to get inked before summer? Are you trying to look for tattoo ideas to represent your marriage in a unique way other than getting each others names? I am not too fond of couples getting each others names tattoo on each others bodies, because your marriage may be 100% complete and beautiful, but in today's world nothing is ever guaranteed. Getting your child's names tattooed on you I think is great, because your child will always be your child until you are gone. So what kind of tattoo can a married couple get?

Think outside the box. Try to think of something you both like. If the woman loves roses, and the man loves dogs you can each get a dog face with a rose coming out of his mouth. It's really about using your imagination and base it on what each other enjoys either in your marriage or as a hobby. When I first got married me and husband were going to get a couple tattoo, but we weren't sure on what to get. I wanted to pick something that I wouldn't regret just incase we ended up splitting and going our separate ways. So since we both love tigers we decided on a cute tiger cub. Before choosing the tiger cub we were actually both going to get tiger paw prints. So it just goes to show you that you can think outside the box without regretting. Other couple tattoo ideas I have for you are the following:

Matching hearts- Some men may not like the idea of a Pink or Red heart tattoo on them. So try to pick a color that would be mainly like Blue, Green, Black, or even an army cameo heart would be quite interesting.

Matching tiger paw prints, dog prints, or cat prints- If you both enjoy these types of animals this would be kind of cute. The couple can get this on their shoulder blade, back of neck, chest, ankle, or even on the stomach.

Matching lips- This would be real cute. The woman can place this on her bikini area, chest, butt cheek, or stomach. Then the man can place this on his butt cheek, stomach, or private area.

Matching birthstone tattoo- Each pick like a sun or something and place each others birthstone color in the middle. The sun will represent truth, strength, and power in your marriage.

Favorite words or quotes in different languages like soul mate, lover, eternal, forever, my love etc.

Other couple tattoo ideas are matching star, puzzle piece, music lyrics from your wedding song, matching crosses, or a matching champagne glass. Places where you can find other couple tattoo ideas are,,, or

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