Hot Foot Tattoo Ideas
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Hot Foot Tattoo Ideas

Hot summer tattoos

With summer right around the corner tattoo’s on ankles, legs, and feet are popping up all over already. Many are preparing to show off their new tattoo by wearing sexy sandals, Capri pants, and even going barefoot. Are you looking to get a hot summer tattoo? Right now from what I have seen it looks like the foot tattoo is at the top right now, then ankle, and then leg. Do you want to get a foot tattoo? If you are considering getting a foot tattoo, be careful what you pick and the area of the foot you place it on. Some areas of the foot can be very sensitive to some, which will cause more pain. What are some hot summer foot tattoos?

From what I have seen and heard from my tattoo artist friend this summer you will see a lot of flowers with names on the foot, stars and moon on the foot, small flowers or hearts with vines, Sayings or quotes on the foot in different languages, butterflies, or funky tribal symbols on the foot. If you don’t want to have a foot tattoo like everyone else think of something totally creative. I mean you can choose the flowers with the vines, but add some more characteristics to it to make it unique. Between me and my friend we came up with a few more foot tattoo ideas you may be interested in. I think these foot tattoo ideas would really be the talk this summer if you got one.

Peacock feathers- The summer is all about fun, bright sun, and being very colorful. A great foot tattoo would be peacock feathers by itself or with a theme. If you chose just the feathers add as many bright colors as possible and make the feathers go from the end of your foot by your little toe and it extend to go up the side of your foot by the heal. If you decide to go with a theme with the feathers then you can maybe add a flower in the middle of the feathers, tribal, a Orange-Yellow sun around the feathers, or maybe add a wolf or heart to it.

Cherry blossom- This is becoming very popular lately. As a foot tattoo this looks really pretty. You can get cherry blossom flowers and start them at the big toe and allow them to flow down the side of your foot with tree branches. You can get cherry blossoms on your foot with bright Blue little stars in between to give it more of a bolder color effect. Have 3-5 cherry blossoms going across the top of your foot. Make sure to choose a bright Pink color and a pinkish Red color. Cherry blossoms with tribal in the middle would also add a unique touch to this foot tattoo. One more cool idea is to add music notes or a butterfly to the flowers instead vines.

Swans- A cool foot tattoo would be 2 swans shaped into a heart, a swan with feathers coming down the side of the foot, tribal swan, or a fantasy looking swan.

Cross and beads- Have a cross tattoo placed on your foot. Then connect a chain of beads to it and wrap it around your ankle.

Other ideas for a foot tattoo are a tribal sun petal, flowered heart, fairy, phoenix, seahorse, tribal love sign, sun, seashells, Hawaiian flower, or stars with swirls.

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Comments (3)
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[...] Hot foot tattoo ideas [...]

Totally cool! :)

Great article, but I do not believe that much in fashion when it comes to tattoos. Best thing is to put on what you feel most comfortable with. By the way: I do have a foot tattoo and and inked anklet.