How to Fade / Lighten an Unwanted Tattoo
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How to Fade / Lighten an Unwanted Tattoo

How to fade a tattoo

Are you looking to get rid of a tattoo that just regret getting or maybe just don't like it anymore? Well I have one of my best friends who just opened up a tattoo parlor in Florida last may. My friend has many tattoos, but one of them she wasn't really happy with anymore. Great art work and design, but made she made the mistake of getting a name under it, which wasn't really a smart move. Doing this can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the situation like if it's your kids name, parents name that's something special that you won't ever regret.

Other names placed on can be a huge problem, especially if you are not married to that person or with them anymore. How do you know if you are really gonna be together forever to do something like this? Don't get me wrong I have four tattoos which are a tiger cub with a jungle background on my shoulder with my one sons nickname, lower back tattoo with two angels of my twins, ankle tattoo, and a Jesus piece for my father, which turned out a little bigger than expected, but I don't regret it what so ever it's beautiful to me for my father. I did make sure though these were exactly the designs I wanted before they started working on me. I knew all of the ones I have chosen could also be covered up if I had to where they were placed. My friend started using a product called wrecking balm to try and fade her one tattoo. So she could either cover it up with another tattoo or just leave it where it wouldn't be noticeable at all.

This product wrecking balm is formulated to fade away any unwanted tattoo, but there is many factors that could affect how your tattoo will fade when using this product. This is the size of the tattoo you have, the density, and also the depth of the tattoo you are trying to fade. After using this product for 2 1/2 weeks her tattoo appeared almost gone, but not quite gone yet. The reason why it's taking her longer is, because the tattoo she is trying to fade has blue colors, and different shades of green in it, which tends to take longer to fade, because of the chemical pigment base it has. This is just like when you have black hair, and dark browns, they are harder to lighten up then blonde's and reds.

Wrecking Balm works very gentle on the skin, but if you are a really sensitive person it could cause a very slight irritation for a day or so. Try to perform a patch test, by applying a drop of this to the inside of your elbow. Leave it there for around 15 minutes then wipe it off. If you don't break out or get any irritations by the next day continue using this product. When applying this product make sure you shave the area that your gonna fade first like they do at the tattoo parlor. After 4 1/2 weeks my friends tattoo was to the point where you couldn't even tell she had one there. My friend did tell me that this product must be used on a tattoo that's at least 1 year old. It can not be a fresh tattoo the process will not work at all.

When using this product don't get freaked out if the tattoo seems to be getting brighter at first this is normal. The tattoo has to go through skin layers of the epidermis and also depends on the dept of the tattoo the fading process will vary. This process cost my friend under $150, which is so much better than having to deal with pain, scaring, and lots of money put out from laser or any other procedures. On a scale of 1-10 my friend rates this product a 9 1/2 only for the fact hers took longer to fade.

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Comments (6)

That is an awesome tattoo in the picture... I wouldn't want to lighten that one. That's beautiful. My nurse friend has angel tattoos on her back and shoulders, and she has tattoo bracelets around her wrist.. one is yellow and pink roses on the left wrist and butterflies on the right wrist. They are beautiful. I wish I could get a Tat. I could, but I think I am too old now. :)

C'mon Char, you're never too old for anything...Besides all the "cool" kids are getting them, dontcha wanna be cool? How's that for peer pressure? Great article angels...I wish I heard of this before I cut out the name I got tattooed on me with a razor.

Dang! Kevin... you didn't!? Did you? OMGosh! That must have hurt!!!! OUCH!!!! :)

@ Kevin - I forgot to mention... if I had a tattoo now it would soon just get all saggy from the weight loss... can you imagine a sagging and dragging tattoo? Not pretty! What if it was a face of someone and the older I got the longer the face got? That would be a riot!!! :)

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