Step by Step Body Art Instructions to Paint a Peacock on a Hand
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Step by Step Body Art Instructions to Paint a Peacock on a Hand

Hand painting can be highly creative and fun, allowing you to be inventive while decorating part of ‘you’ or someone else, as a form of art. This article shows you how to paint a peacock on a hand using body paint. The steps are kept as simple as possible, but will take time until you are an accomplished hand painter.

If you have ever tried face painting you will probably have been tempted to try painting other parts of the body as an experiment. Indeed, some artists are body painters, and paint any part of the human anatomy as long as it is covered in skin. This article however, concentrates on hand painting as a practical alternative, and will take you step by step through how to paint a peacock on a hand.


Use Snazaroo water-based face and body makeup in the following colors:

Sky Blue - Royal Blue - Bright Green - Bright Yellow - Orange - Dark Brown - Black - Sea Blue - White

1 x Fine Brush

1 x Slightly Thicker Flat brush

1 x Sponge

1 x Pot of water

Step One

Dip the corner of the sponge in the pot of water, squeeze out the excess and wipe the sponge onto the white paint. Apply this to the front and sides of the hand, and be mindful about covering areas between fingers. Take the paint a little way down the wrist too.

Step Two

Paint an outline of the head and neck of the peacock onto the front of the hand and down onto the wrist in royal blue. Then paint bright yellow around the blue, and up to the base of the fingers and thumb. Now paint the fingers and thumbs in dark brown so that the entire front of the hand and sides is covered in paint.

Step Three

Use black paint and a thin brush to create feather shapes on the yellow area of the hand. The shapes should be similar to half circles, as you can see in the picture.

Using the thin brush paint a brown stripe in the middle of each feather shape you have created, and follow this by painting a green stripe, fanning outwards, either side of the brown stripe.

Step Four

Use white paint to make three marks on each side of the blue part of the hand. One should be to the side at the top, another further down to the side, resembling a half circle, and the last should be off center, as can be seen in the illustration. Lastly, paint a white mark in-between the others, in the center of the blue paint, but low down, as this is to become part of the peacock’s beak.

Step Five

Paint in the peacocks eyes as a black outline, and marks above and below. Now paint in a beak shape as a long V, in brown.

Step Six

Paint two white V’s in the middle of the two white longer marks that reflect each other on the peacocks head. One should point up, and the other down. In the illustration, you can see this above the white mark that forms part of the beak. Outline these marks in black, and paint the rest of the beak brown.

Now paint in the peacocks eyes. Leave a section of blue above brown pupils, before painting the iris black. Highlight each eye with a dot of white to make it look more authentic.

Using the flat, wider brush and sky blue, and green paint, make feather-like marks on the head area of the peacock, and bring this down the sides where there is no detail yet.

Step seven

Paint the fingernails orange, and surround them with yellow paint that covers the bottom part of the base of the nail bed, and the tips of the nail. Place a blue spot on each nail using sky blue, and inside of each paint an upside down kidney shape in black. Then using sky blue mixed with white, paint a single line down the middle of each finger, stemming from the fingernail base, and extending to the yellow area of feathers on the hand. Using white, blue and green, add wisps, or fringes, fanning from the center of each feather, as in the illustration.

Step Eight

Use white to highlight the side of the beak, and mix white with yellow to add highlights to feathers. Use orange paint close to the nails as wisps of feather. Finally, you may choose to add glitter in gold, silver or blue to parts of the peacock, such as its eyes and beak.

The hand painting of the peacock can easily be removed when you are ready with warm water and soap. Watch out for more hand painting, ‘how to’ articles as they will be appearing soon!

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Comments (7)

Bridget, this soooo cool...Peace Jaz

Thanks Jaz, I sometimes do face painting, but this is my first hand painting. I have lots more ideas, so when I get a chance I will post more how to articles on this subject.

Amazing art of hand painting and excellent demo!

Amazing step by step instructions!

Oh, this is very cool! I love the images you put.

Beautiful! it's the first time I see this. Great share, thank you.

Very neat Bridget!